What are the differences between AR10 vs AR15 and which rifle is best for you?

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What are the differences between AR10 vs AR15 and which rifle is best for you?

If you are buying your first rifle, you may have narrowed down your choices to either the AR10 or the AR15. After all, these two rifles are the most popular rifles in the world, with more people interested in buying them than any other model.


Before you buy either gun, however, you should look at the differences between the AR10 versus the AR15. Each gun is better used for different circumstances, so the one you should probably choose depends on the reasons why you want to buy a rifle in the first place.


Number of rounds fired per minute — One of the most important things to consider when firing a rifle is how many rounds per minute it can fire. While this may not be important if you are doing some target practice, it could be very important if you need to stop a charging boar.


In this respect, the AR10 and the AR15 differ quite a bit. While firing bullets that have more of an impact when hitting their target, the AR10 also fires fewer bullets per minute than does the AR15.


The AR15, on the other hand, may fire bullets that cause less damage than the AR10, but it can fire more of them in a minute.


The best uses for the AR10 versus the AR15 — If you plan to use the rifle you buy for big game hunting, the AR10 is usually your best bet. This is due to it firing larger caliber bullets, which hit the target with more impact than the smaller caliber bullets fired from the AR15.


An AR10 rifle is also much more likely to be able to stop a charging animal than bullets from an AR15, which can be particularly important in a life or death situation while hunting.


On the other hand, if you want a rifle that can be used for home security, that is good for hunting smaller animals, or even to keep pests under control, then the AR15 is your best bet. Especially as it can fire more bullets per minute than the AR10.


How heavy is each rifle? — Both rifles are extremely lightweight as reviewed by https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/ so, if weight is important to you, it does not really matter which of the two you choose.


If you are looking for a rifle that is easy to shoot, however, especially if it is for your wife, daughter or son, then the AR15 would be the better choice.


The cost of both rifles — If you are more likely to make a decision between the AR10 versus the AR15 due to price, look no further than the AR15. It is one of the cheapest rifles on the market at the moment, yet is still one of the best.


Check out several online stores selling rifles before you buy one, however, as prices do differ depending on the gun seller.