Cuts through glass: The best ammo for your hunting trips

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Cuts through glass: The best ammo for your hunting trips

The best ammo is not necessarily the cheapest ammo. The best ammo is tried and tested and from a reputed manufacturer of hunting bullets and hunting supplies. Using a good and proven bullet will result in a satisfying hunt.

7mm Remington Magnum
This bullet is a sleek 7mm bullet. Many hunters are reluctant to use it because it is lighter than other bullets. However, it is easier to shoot this bullet and the recoil is less than heavier bullets. For long range hunting, the 7mm Remington Magnum has proved to be the most practical because it is more aerodynamic than heavier bullets and buckles wind easily. The bullet is effective in most terrains including prairie and mountains. The light and fast 7mm Remington Magnum bullet helps you hit your target whether far away or very close.

300 Winchester Magnum
The 300 Winchester Magnum is regarded by experts as the best ammo for big game hunting. It is expensive compared to most brands of ammo. The bullet is heavy and has considerable but easy to manage recoil. The size of the bullet helps to kill game faster. The bullet is fast and buckles wind effectively. The bullet has a short neck and this design has enabled greater accuracy. The bullet is effective in all types of terrain including prairie, thickets and mountains and can be used to shoot game of all sizes.

6.5 Creedmoor
The 6.5 Creedmoor is the choice of hunters looking for ammo that give greater precision. The recoil is low yet the performance of the bullet is superior. Despite its size the bullet offers excellent long-range shooting capabilities. It can hit moving targets that are 1000 yards away from the hunter. The bullet comes in two weights- 140 grains and 129 grains. The Creedmoor bullet fits all types of short action rifles. The accuracy of the bullet makes it an excellent choice for hunting deer. The bullet works well in terrains that allow long range shooting.

30-06 Springfield
It is the opinion of expert hunters that all game in America is shot within a range of 200 yards. This cartridge is the most popular among bullets used for hunting in America. The bullet has proved to be the most capable of handling all types of game. The bullet is heavier than most and moves slowly once the shot is fired. It later manages speed and buckles wind better than lighter bullets. The bullet is known to work in every hunting situation.

Accurate bullets with manageable recoil and a powerful strike are the best ammo for hunting. Some of these bullets have stood the test of time and have remained the enduring choice of hunters in all terrains and for all types of game. Some bullets have hit the market recently and have become very popular because of their high efficiency.