3 Reasons Why The 5 Panel Baseball Caps Are Popular

5 panel baseball caps have quickly become one of the most important fashion icons across the world. In addition to their obvious connection to baseball, the caps have also been accepted widely by different people from all over the world.

For instance, there has been a sharp increase in the number of celebrities and famous individuals that have been seen or photographed with this new fashion icon. 5 panel baseball caps are not a new concept; they are a historical comeback that takes us back several decades. The following are three reasons why the 5 panel baseball caps are so popular today.

Goes hand in hand with baseball

If you are a baseball fan, then you know that the sport goes hand in hand with a baseball cap. Most baseball fans enjoy watching their favorite players while wearing their cool baseball custom dad hats. The fans also want to look and feel like their favorite teams. The connection between baseball and baseball caps has become so deeply rooted that they are almost inseparable.

Most baseball caps of the past few decades had a low profile design similar to that of 5 panel baseball caps. Although 5 panel baseball caps is a long way from competing directly with the baseball cap, it is still a favorite among many baseball fans and enthusiasts.

Its connection with history

While it is still not clear which sport 5 panel baseball caps were first used in, photographic evidence indicates that the cap was a favorite among sports’ enthusiasts. In the sunrise years of Tour De France, for instance, the cap was worn instead of a helmet, thus revealing that safety was not always the priority. Most cycling participants, therefore, chose better looks over the safety of a helmet.

Apart from Tour De France participants, 5 panel baseball caps were also popular with bicyclists. From bike couriers to bicycling hobbyists, they all chose the 5 panel baseball caps as their cap of choice. That nostalgia seems to have caught up with the 21st century.

The love from hunters and campers

Another popular name for the 5 panel baseball caps is a camper hat. The origin of camping is attributable to the need for a shelter during hunting expeditions. If you look at a majority of the hunters back then and today, they enjoy wearing low profile hats that are formed in a design similar to that of the 5 panel baseball caps. Most people who have either grown up hunting or have close relatives who love hunting, therefore, feel connected to the 5 panel design.

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