A quick primer on me (Sandra).

How it all began


I Sandra, started travelling the world because I wanted to see everything that I could and experience as much as possible. I had always been fascinated by different cultures and how people lived their lives in different parts of the world. I wanted to know what it was like to live in a different country, to speak a different language, and to see new places. I wanted to travel the world and learn about new cultures and ways of life. I started my journey with a suitcase and a dream, and I haven’t stopped since.

Our travel philosophy

I believe that travel is one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. It allows us to explore new cultures, learn about different people and their customs, and experience the world in a whole new way.

I believe that travel should be an adventure, and that we should always be open to new experiences. I think that the best way to learn about a new place is to dive right in and immerse yourself in the culture. I believe in getting off the beaten path and truly exploring a destination.

I think that travel is a great way to learn about yourself and to grow as a person. It can be challenging at times, but that is part of the beauty of it. I believe that everyone should try to travel as much as possible, and I am grateful for every opportunity that I have to explore this amazing world.