Unique Holiday Gifts When You’ve Run Out of Ideas

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Unique Holiday Gifts When You’ve Run Out of Ideas

Many shoppers during the holidays have difficulty finding the “right” gift for loved ones, co-workers and others. A gift card to a person’s favorite store or restaurant is one option. That said, a lot of people prefer to receive something that shows that you put plenty of time and consideration into the selection. If you’ve run out of gift ideas, here are five incredibly cool and unique ones for you to consider:


Personalized Blanket

If the recipient of your gift lives in a region that experiences cool or cold temperatures, you can’t go wrong with a blanket. Yet, a plain blanket doesn’t show how much you care. Instead, spend a little extra on personalized hooded blankets. For example, you might order a blanket that features the recipient’s name, favorite poem or a message embroidered on the surface. Another option: Customize a blanket with a print of their favorite artwork or a photo.


Garden Club Subscription

Most people recognize the health benefits of growing their own outdoor or indoor garden, but they don’t have the time to actively pursue the hobby by visiting garden centers because the hustle and bustle of a busy life gets in their way. A garden club subscription guarantees that they receive a monthly reminder in the mail to pursue this type of hobby. A garden club might offer plants, as seen with a succulent garden club subscription, or everything needed for beginners including soil, seeds and gardening tools.


Functional Geodes

Geodes refer to certain types of rocks that form with hollow centers that contain one or more varieties of clear, white or colored crystals. Geodes have become incredibly popular in practical applications. A functional geode is any object made of these rocks that serves a useful purpose, such as an end table with a slice of a large geode as the top, geode bookends or a geode paperweight.


Hand-Upcycled Jewelry

Although gifting pricey, new jewelry can generate “oohs” and “aahs” this holiday season, you can save yourself a lot of money and impress a family member or your significant other more with a custom, handcrafted upcycled piece. Plenty of families own old, broken jewelry that they can’t afford to repair. You can also often find inexpensive well-made pieces in thrift shops. Locate several pieces that your loved one might like and then dismantle and combine parts to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


Custom Wood Craft


Lastly, you might surprise the nature lover in your life with a custom gift crafted from wood. If the gift recipient loves maps, consider buying them a wooden, laser-cut, three-dimensional map of a real-word or favorite fictional location that they can hang on a wall. Other options include a wooden food tray or bench that features custom carvings.


As you can see, it is possible to find a cool, unique gift this holiday season. Don’t give up if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a brick-and-mortar store either. You can easily find many of these gifts online with a simple keyword search.