Places to Visit When in England

stonehenge-101801_640England is a country with a rich mix of culture and tradition. With 36.115 million visitors in a year, England is the world’s 8th largest tourist destination. From beautiful countryside to sea resorts and heritage sites, England has almost everything to offer to its visitors.

If you love food then there is no place like God’s own county: Yorkshire. With many Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else in England, Yorkshire has a very good reputation for food and drink. The breath-taking beauty of the county has inspired generations of famous painters.

The honey-coloured towns and glorious villages of the Cotswolds appear as if they have wandered off into the 21st century from another era. The area is categorized by gentle vitality, with dynamic galleries, lively festivals and a generous benefaction of fascinating museums.

Devon offers wholesome, scenic and simple holiday experience with rugged coves and cream teas, picnics, and pints in pub gardens, surf breaks, and strolls. The mix of good food and the great outdoors is the loveliest pleasure option Devon provides.

Lake District offers the finest scenery, grandest views, and green countryside. The patchwork of picturesque lakes, woodlands, fells and valleys make it one of the best places in Britain to visit.


The curved Norfolk and Suffolk coastline provide fringing beaches to draw visitors to the region. There is always space for kite-flying, games and quite family picnics in the dunes on even the busiest of summers’ days. Norfolk’s countryside and flint-built villages are picture-perfect.

Cornwall is well-defined by its superb coast with 300 miles of mounds and cliffs, old-fashioned ports and oak-forested gulfs – and every mile reachable on foot.

With widespread, honey-stone Georgian crescents and porches, Bath is a strong competitor for England’s most gorgeous little city. It has a captivating and easily reachable antiquity, from the Roman Baths to the life and times of Jane Austen.

You will never get bored in the loveably eccentric city of Brighton. With dingy flea markets, and offbeat designers happily merging with lustrous restaurants and bars, Brighton allows you to roam about freely and enjoy this fiercely all-season city.

Right here and now, London is one place where you just have to be. People pour in from across the world to live, work and visit London every minute of every day. Skyscrapers, Colossal infrastructure projects, restaurants, bars, and theatres are some of the things London has to offer. From music to sports and theatre to food all kinds of things are top-notch here.

The top cities of England which are the hottest tourist destination include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton, and Hove, Cambridge, Leeds, York, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Bath and Nottingham.

If you want to visit England for its historic sites then you must visit Tower of London,

St Paul’s Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminster in London, Roman Baths in city of Bath, Canterbury Cathedral in city of Canterbury, Stonehenge in Amesbury, York Minster in city of York, Chatsworth House, Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in city of Portsmouth, and Stourhead in Mere.


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