End of Lease Cleaning Is It Really Necessary?

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End of Lease Cleaning Is It Really Necessary?

Anyone who has ever rented a property is familiar with the term, “End of Lease Cleaning”. We are so familiar with this term, but honestly no one wants to stick their head in between the toilet and the tub. That there are actually several companies devoted to doing the job, like End of lease cleaning Melbourne. When you are at the of your lease agreement you are supposed to leave the property in the condition in which you move into it, minus normal wear and tear.

As we all know sweeping and mopping are part of the job, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you walk into your living room look around. All the woodwork, banisters and railings need cleaning and polished. Look up at the ceiling and clean out all of those dusty cobwebs and critters living up there in the corner.

Let’s move on into the bedrooms any surface in here needs to be cleaned. Get a ladder and check up in the back of all the closets. Clean the ceiling fan thoroughly.

In the kitchen you need to clean the fridge dish washer, oven and the washer and dryer on the inside as well as the surface. You should clean backsplash and cupboards and give the sink a good old-fashioned scrub and polish.

In the bathroom the shower and toilet needs need a scrub and clean. Any drawers will need to be cleaned. I personally take a squeegee mop and some bleach water to take care of any mold on the cieling or walls and take a toothbrush and get the grout all nice and clean.

Now all through the house you want to clean the windows and window sills, inside and out. The mirrors in every room need to be cleaned. The light switches and water fixtures need to be polished too. Carpets most likely will need a good steam cleaning. and if you have pets, it is always better to stay on the safe side and fumigate the property just to make sure you don’t leave any critters around for the new renters when they move in.

Now that the inside of your house is shining like the back of Mr. Clean’s head let’s move outside. In your yard take the time to remove all the debris and give your house a hose down. Clean out the gutters and make sure you sweep out the sheds. Take the time to sweep all sidewalks and patios. Lastly, clean all the trash cans. Check for any minor repairs needed for the fences.

While you may look at this and think this is overkill. It’s really what the landlord expects for you to do in order to release the deposit you left when you rented the property. It never hurts to bring a camera to document what the property’s condition is when you leave. And ask questions and take additional photos of anything that is deducted from your deposit. This can help if you disagree with what things you were deducted for.

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