T Shirts: An effective and modern witnessing tool for all Christians

When it comes to witnessing to people, it can be difficult to come up with a method of bringing the topic up. Randomly speaking to someone about God can shut many people down and push them away inevitably. Witnessing can sometimes require a more delicate approach, and there are different methods of bringing about the conversation. One method that has been proven effective in the market is showing the world your faith through a t shirt design. The fun and innovative power of these designs yields impressive results statistically speaking and opens the door for meaningful conversation about your clothing. People’s eyes are drawn to T-shirts, and throughout the shirt’s lifetime over 3000 eyes on average will glance at the message of Christ without you having to say anything to get the wheels turning.

Sharing the truth of God

The message of Christ is a powerful motivator for people to potentially crack open the scriptures and explore the great gift that God has to offer all people. By wearing a shirt with a simple verse such as John 3:16, any Christian is effectively witnessing by promoting the word of God in their apparel. This has been proven to be extremely effective in spreading the message to people in a fun and convenient way. Some shirts feature unique and interesting jokes that parallel some pop culture references or brands. This allows the Christian to get on the level of society and promote their faith in a fun and effective way.

Advertising for the kingdom of God

God is in the soul saving business, and like any other business, he has chosen to reveal himself through the living word. This word is powerful no matter what the context, and when you wear a print of a bible verse or a life-saving message, you are effectively stimulating the thoughts of others. This can also be applicable to people who haven’t been practicing their faith as strongly as they would like and can serve as a reminder to those who see it to open the word and study it more intently. If only one person can reach over 3000 people with one shirt in its lifetime, then imagine how powerful this is on a wide scale with thousands of Christians adopting this practice. The Bible teaches that we are to proclaim his name from the mountain tops and be confident in our approach to witnessing, always giving an answer for those who ask you. These T-shirts do exactly that and open the door for meaningful interaction and fruitful witnessing opportunities. By wearing something as powerful as the word of God, you are effectively witnessing to all! If this has caught your attention, see Christian t-shirts best kept secret for evangelizing.

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