How to get more engagement with your Instagram posts?

If getting more engagement with your Instagram posts is something you want to be able to prioritize this year, there are some tips you can learn that will help.

After all, if you are uploading many different photographs throughout the week, but few are getting any kind of interaction, this will become disheartening for you quite fast. We curated the list of tips with the help of the guys and gals at 인스타 팔로워 늘리기, big shout out. But let’s get into the nitty gritty.


Post your best photos — Remember to only post your best photographs as this will draw people to your account much more than posting every photograph you have taken.

After all, people enjoy looking at accounts featuring photographs that are more beautiful than they themselves could have taken, but even the worst photographers do not want to look at thousands of photos to weed out the ones they truly like.

Study each photograph carefully looking at different angles, shots, views and facial expressions then decide which of them is more likely to draw people’s attention and then only post those.


Adding filters — Be sure to also add filters that compliment each photo.

Some people do add the same filter on every photo, but others are smarter as they realize each filter looks completely different depending on the photograph it is placed on.

This makes their account look more interesting and is likely to draw more attention and engagement to it than to those who always use the same filter.


Add more tags — One of the things you can do to get more attention to your posts to begin with is to add more tags for each photo you upload.

Tags help people search for the things they are interested in and so make it much easier for them to find the photographs you like.

How to use hashtags? Well, there’s a vid for that. Just check youtube and you’ll find one, e.g.

Like others’ photos — Some Instagram account owners spend a lot of time liking other people’s photographs.

This is a superb attitude to have when it comes to the popular social media platform as these people will often turn around and like yours as well.

You may even find they will like every one of your photographs, thus giving your account a very big boost.


Comment on their posts — Instagram is not a vacuum. That means, if you do not post comments on other people’s posts, they are less likely to post one on yours.

If you find a few accounts you enjoy and then post comments about their photographs several times a week, however, you will often see the owners of those accounts posting comments on your photographs too.

This then encourages other people to also post comments as they want to be included in the conversation.

This is particularly effective if a minor disagreement about the photo erupts as everyone looking at it will want to have their opinion listened to.

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