Beautiful & Breaded: How breaded curtains can make your home shine

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Beautiful & Breaded: How breaded curtains can make your home shine

If you have renovated your home but still need to buy curtains, have you considered buying bead curtains instead of the more traditional kind?

If not, you really should look into beaded curtains. They are stylish, suit just about any room, come in any color you need and are relatively inexpensive as well.

In fact, if you are looking for easy to install curtains that you can buy from thousands of online and offline shops, beaded curtains may be your best choice.

How to choose beaded curtains for your home — There are so many styles of curtain, it can be a little overwhelming when you first begin to check websites that sell them.

The easiest thing to do is to decide on the color that will work the best in your room, then start to look at specific styles of bead.

These types of curtains usually come in plain beads, both in glass and plastic, and in patterned beads. Decide which will look the best in your room, noting that glass beads will tend to look more more stylish and more expensive than those curtains with plastic beads.

Once you have decided on a certain color and style, you can then get online and look for stores that sell it.

Doors can also have beaded curtains — If you have an open plan apartment that does not have many doors, you could consider buying beaded curtains for doorways as well.

This is a popular way to use them as this type of curtain creates a type of door, yet still allows a lot of light to shine through. For darker rooms, a curtain can be a much better choice than a door, especially if you do not need a door that locks.

Again, choose the curtains in a color that would work with your room decor and in a style that you like. Look closely at any photographs before ordering, however, as some are much more see-through than others.

Getting the lowest price — In many cases, beaded curtains are much cheaper than traditional curtains, especially if you buy imported ones.

This is because many of them are made in Thailand, India or China and so the prices that are charged are lower. Do be aware, you can also order the beaded curtains you want directly from the supplier overseas. This will cut out the middle man and allow you to buy the curtains you want even cheaper.

The best way to buy affordable beaded curtains is to do a search online and then look at the stores selling them. They do come in all price levels, so be sure to spend time doing a price comparison before placing an order. Especially if you are going to buy several pairs.

Remember too, some beaded curtains are quite heavy, so make sure you know how much the shipping cost is going to be before placing an order. Otherwise, you could be shocked at how much you have to pay to receive them.