Why are life-sized love doll sales booming in 2021?

The rate at which people are buying love dolls these days is mind-boggling. Only a few years ago, most people would shudder at the thought of buying a love doll, and most manufacturers were struggling to break even because of low demand.

However, in a twist of fate, the fortunes of these companies have taken a turn for the better as sales appear to be going through the roof. Welcome to hear 2021; the best year yet for the love doll industry.

To give you an idea of why there appears to be a sudden increase in the interest in love dolls, let us review some of the root causes of why life-sized love dolls are selling like hot cakes in this age.


A trend from 2020

The trend started in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. With lockdowns initiated in many countries of the world, many people, particularly men, were holed up indoors and needed one distraction or the other to kill boredom. Fortunately for love doll manufacturers, many found solace in life-sized dolls and began to order them online. This trend has continued even in 2021.

People want to try something new


People say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to sexual interest, this sentiment is even more true. Many people are looking for something new and spicy, and life-sized dolls are as spicy as sex toys come. Getting a doll is something sexually curious people will have no problem with.

Stigma is down

Buying or using a love doll as a sex object is still considered a social taboo, but over the last few years, society’s inhibitions have been falling away from all indications. As a result, many people have become open about their sexual fetishes, which has created an opportunity for manufacturers to exploit.

Seeking companionship

Another reason for the booming sales is down to the need for companionship that many people have. Many people are lonely and have a hard time bonding with the opposite sex or making friends. The growing trend of working from home and the negative impact of the pandemic has created a vacuum in the lives of so many people, which is quite unfortunate.

Buying a life-sized doll is an escape mechanism for some who have no qualms about forming emotional attachments with a toy at home.

Spice up the bedroom fun

Although most patronizers of sex dolls are men, you will be surprised to know that many couples are in agreement about using 성인용품 in the bedroom. Their reason for this is to spice up bedroom fun. Although every couple has their sexual habits but for some, adding a third party to the mix makes sex even more enticing and exciting.


Attachment to technology

If there is anything that history has taught us about technology, it is that many people tend to form a bond with technology one way or the other. Many people are attached to their smartphones; others to their television, but there is a new class in town. Those who are attached to human-like sex dolls.

The growing number of people attached to life-sized love dolls has increased and will continue to do so as many more people form varying degrees of attachment to these dolls.

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