Tips For Running Your Own T-Shirt Shop

Your t-shirt shop may be a critical part of the community because people want to make t-shirts every year for a number of different purposes. However, you may not realize that running a t-shirt shop is quite complex. This article explains a few things you need to know when you start up a new business, and you may find that each of these tips makes your designs better, shirts cheaper, and customers happier.

You Need A Catalog

You may make custom t-shirts every day, but that does not mean that you may completely abandon the catalog business model. You need a catalog that explains the different styles you work with, and you must explain the color of t-shirts you use. The t-shirt designs are often inspired by what is in the catalog, and the catalog ensures that your customers may make quick decisions about what they want.


You must set yearly prices on t-shirts that your customers will get used to, and you may change every year based on the increased prices of the dyes and patterns that you must use. A yearly change in prices keeps your customers happy, and they grow accustomed to the fact that you will change your prices every year to keep up with the market.

Your price increases must be small enough that your customers are not taken aback, and you may find that changing prices every year does not alarm people. They may not realize that your t-shirts were a dollar or two cheaper a couple years ago because your price increases were not that high.

Quick Turnover

You must have a process for creating and delivering shirts that is fast. Your customers may find that they can turn to you when they have a deadline to keep, and your business will have a reputation for moving quickly that other businesses will not. You are showing your customers that you are capable of meeting their needs, and they will come to you every time they need a new t-shirt made on short notice.

Update Your Designs

The designs for your shirts must be updated at least once a year to ensure that they will look great going forward. You cannot keep outdated designs in your catalog when you know that no one will buy them, and you must show the people that shop with you that you know when certain things have gone out of style.

The designs in your catalog must be popular with the people in your community (see Depresident for example), and you may find that sports teams and youth leagues prefer your t-shirt shop because their shirts will always look as though they are current. If professional athletes wear current merchandise, your sports clients should do the same.

The shop you are running is a wonderful place that may serve the community for many years to come, but you must ensure it is run in the right manner. All the steps above lead to a more successful business.

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