Popular women’s short hairstyles in 2022

If you have had long hair all your life, you may feel apprehension about cutting it short. However, if you have always wanted to experiment with looks and try short hair, maybe 2022 is the year you can finally take that leap.

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to short hairstyles. Ideally, you should pick a style that complements your face shape and hair texture. Here are a few short hair cut styles that are bound to inspire you.

The true pixie cut

Nothing says short like the true pixie cut. This kind of hair is short all over, while some women like to keep it longer on the top and shorter on the sides. It will look very good on you if you have straight hair and an oval or even a square face. A pixie cut is well-suited if you have fine or light-weight hair.

Long pixie cut

The long pixie cut is a rendition of the conventional cut and has longer hair on the top that can be swept sideways to achieve a modern chic yet classy look. While the true pixie cut is suited to only square or oval faces, the long pixie cut is versatile and looks flattering on all face shapes. If you have curly hair, you may need a bit of styling to avoid all the hair from curling up on the top. Similarly, if you have fine hair, you may have to use products that give volume to the hair.

The short bob

A short bob is a cross between a bob and a long pixie cut. The short bob may be sleek with hair of equal length from the back, or it may have lots of layers to give hair a softer look with more volume. You can go for a side flick or bangs to add more softness to your look. The short bob is a very low-maintenance cut and highlights your cheekbones.

The layered bob

The layered bob looks perfect with a messy, slightly wavy look. You can support it with or without bangs. With layers all over and beginning from the top, the layered bob is an easy-to-maintain, wash-and-go kind of hairstyle that gives texture to the hair or highlights the hair’s natural texture.

The classic bob

The classic bob that ends at the chin or your collarbone is a style that has never lost its appeal. You can add a bit of layering at the end to give the cut some lift, particularly if you have fine hair. However, if you have curly hair and want a bob cut, you may have to add more layers to avoid your hair looking boxy.

The blunt bob

The blunt bob cut up to the chin with bangs looks great on all hair types. If you have thick hair, it will highlight the texture of your hair, and if you have fine hair, it will give you a whimsical look, while the bangs give a softer look to the face.

The list is never-ending when it comes to popular hairstyles for 2022. If you decide to go short, you are in for a treat as you can easily style your hair with a few accessories or simple hairstyles. No matter what age, face shape or hair texture, short hair is bound to look good on you.

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