About Us

About us

Our story is not very different to yours. Stuck in the same routine as we always are, our lives could not have been very different. However, on one fortunate day, we had had enough, that is when we decided to change things up, and that is exactly when our British Hotels Guide came into existence.

Being fellow travelers, we believe that if we can help someone out by providing an opinion, we would like to do so and if that gets you the right results, we would like to tap ourselves on the back.

Starting as just an experiment to help a few people, we decided to expand our targeted audience. The more the merrier!

Our expert opinion is a reflection of experience and since our niche is the lifestyle; our topics mainly revolve around traveling, food, adventure, hobbies, foods and all those things that can bring positive energy to your lives. We like to help people out by providing them a positive and a different approach to what is going on in their lives and hope that everything we tell them, helps them out as much as possible.

We share awesomness!