The Signficance of the Lotus Flower Symbol

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The Signficance of the Lotus Flower Symbol

The lotus flower is a beautiful flower often found in ponds. In the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism this flower represents virtue and beauty. The Egyptians noticed how the lotus flower closed its petals at night and sank into the water of the pond. They associated it with rebirth.


The lotus flower takes over three days to emerge from the pond. It blooms in the early morning to about mid afternoon. Many cultures find the lotus flower has similar meanings. In Egypt two different types of flowers grew. There color was white and blue. Their ancient hieroglyphics often show the blue lotus flower.


The reason they believe the lotus flower represents rebirth is the way it blooms. Its cycle of submerging into the water and blooming in the sun is where it gets its symbolic meaning. In a sense it symbolizes the sun and creation.


In Egypt, it is associated with death too. It is connected to Egyptian ancient book of the dead and the many spells in it. One of these spells can turn a person into a lotus flower so they can be reborn.


In Egypt it is a symbol that was used to unify two different kingdoms. It bonded upper and lower Egypt. Upper Egypt often used the lotus flower in art and lower Egypt used the papyrus plant. Thus both are symbols of uniting Egypt.


In Buddhism the lotus flower means spiritual awakening and faith. The lotus flower is viewed as pure because it emerges from the waters clean and fresh. As it breaks through the surface of the water it is symbolic of desire that is associated with spiritual enlightenment.


Buddhism recognizes many different colors for the Lotus flower. It symbolized the spirit’s victory over wisdom and intellect. In art it is always partially open. The white lotus means being awakened and represent the center of the world.


The purple lotus is associated with mysticism and the eight petal represent The Eight Fold Path. Following this path, leads to self enlightenment and the eight basic noble truths. The pink lotus is believed to be true lotus of Buddha. The red lotus is connected to the heart. It means love and compassion for others.


In Hinduism the lotus represents religion. In this association it is connected to beauty, fertility, and prosperity. A common lotus is the white one. It is linked to the many gods and goddesses found in their religion.


In art Brahma the god of creation is often shown coming out of a lotus flower. The flower represents someone that carries out their tasks with little concern for rewards and liberation from attachment. The petals or buds are often connected to human traits.


Overall the lotus flower is a delicate flower and many are used for medicinal uses and can be eaten. In India and Africa they have been used as supplements for their diets. The lotus flower has symbolic meaning to many cultures, countries, and religions. Its natural beauty is an inspiration to many.